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  1. Darius

    Need help

    Problem solved, i changed the video card. thx for your answer. we can close the topic.
  2. Darius

    Need to modify house

    Can someone help me modify this project of this house. this is the same house in 2 designs. i am new user with chief x7 and i am still learning to work with the program. i have uploaded some picture with the house in 2 diferent combinations, but i need to simplify the design. i need to make just one greble roof, i need just a simple wall on the back with no porch or windows. I can give more info later.
  3. Darius

    Need help

    Thanks for the answer. if i will have other concerns i will post it here , maybe someone will help me.
  4. Darius

    Need help

    Hy, i am new user on this forum and chief architect premier x7 and i have a problem. when i select some walls it's appears some shadows. can someone tell me if i have to configure something so this does not appear again. THX