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  1. Award winning kitchen design studio seeking a junior designer on a part time consulting basis to take on site measurements and initial drafting of kitchens. Candidate will need to have on the ground presence in Lower Westchester New York at jobsite at least for measuring; will need to do site visits, measure spaces, and draft initial cut at kitchen designs and prepare 3D architect layout documents for client review using our studio templates. Additional responsibilities are a possibility if candidate is interested, including client follow up work, interior design material selection and ordering, layout, etc. I am flexible on job scope and happy to work with the right person to tailor the responsibilities.
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    How To Get Objects To Snap Against Each Other, And Not Keep Moving?

    Wow! Thank you so much. My own video answer!! What a headache this has been, and i knew the answer would be easy. I have another question--also an easy one i think! I'll do a separate post.
  3. I am a bit of a newbie, but I've always found that when you move an object in Chief, it moves until it hits something (such as an adjacent cabinet) and then stops. If the adjacent cabinet is able to move, then the entire block will move if you push it hard enough with the mouse, but objects won't overlap and occupy the same space. Now this functionality seems to have disappeared. If try to push a kitchen cabinet against another cabinet it keeps on going, right into space that the other cabinet occupies. Same with walls, etc. Is there a toggle i am not aware of to change this behavior? I am going nuts! I need items to snap to each other, and not just melt into each other! thank you!!