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  1. I never thought about a CAD Detail in the Layout file, that should work perfect.
  2. If I created a second template page those text boxes would to locked in the same position on the other pages, correct? Ideally I would like the option to move the text boxes depending on spacing, etc.
  3. I want to create a text box or table that can be edited in one master location, then displayed and automatically updated in other locations on layout pages. I don't want the information on every page, so the 0 page wont work. I want to use this for general plan notes and square footage's. I've looked into macros, but it only gives me Global macros as an option in the layout. Attached is an image of what I'm working with which I display on some layout pages, but not all. Currently I either update the information on each page, or update one and copy paste to the other pages. I want to reduce the chance for user error of updating each one or copy/pasting.