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  1. Does it work well for sketching plans? Also does it have a dimension feature? How exactly are you using it? Thanks for the info!
  2. Looking for a format to use when measuring and sketching up a job, such as a remodel, addition or flip. I would like to be able to use an iPad or Surface Pro type device with a digital pen as opposed to graph paper and pencil. I would like to be able to dimension the plan to scale, and also take a pic of the potential job site or room and sketch over it. Importing the sketch into chief would be a bonus, but not totally necessary. Just trying to avoid taking my lap top to the job site and drawing things there. I would rather quickly digitally sketch it up for the client, show them ideas and get on with the meeting, then come back to the office and do the plans with Chief. I have been researching apps but not seeing anything useful. Any ideas? What is everyone using for this type of thing? Thanks! Bryon
  3. Hello, i am a full time chief x8 user. I have been in the residential home building industry for 20 years. I have been involved in all aspects from sales, project management, and first and foremost plan design and daily use of Chief Architect X8. Would be interested in speaking with you. Thank you for your time, Bryon Davison Davison Drafting and Design 618-781-9304
  4. Seeking full time employment at a firm that uses Chief X8. Are there any resources out there listing job/career opportunities? Thank you, Bryon Davison Davison Drafting and Design 618-781-9304
  5. I'm a freelance guy in the St. Louis area. I've been an autocad guy for the last 20 years and am currently migrating to Chief Architect. Would be interested in talking with you on future projects. Please email me at Thanks, Bryon