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    Wall Joints

    Thanks guys. I was banging my head against the desk forever trying to get that inside wall to be 4".
  2. rfhager2169

    Wall Joints

    So previously I used Chief10 and was fairly decent with it. then I changed jobs. Now I'm back to using Chief X8 on the side for a friend and trying to learn some of the upgrades and changes that have been made. Currently, I'm trying to draw a walk out bay, and I need a flat section of wall inside before the angle starts. I'm sure in 10 there was a wall tolerance that could be set for the min length of a wall (maybe not, its been a while). I cant seem to find any setting that helps, and the flat section of wall I need dives right into the angle when I set the measurement (making the flat wall disappear). any guidance? Attached file to show a pic of what I'm trying to say
  3. rfhager2169


    I up loaded a DXF file onto Chief and I am not sure how to turn the different layers on and off. Has anyone ever dealt with this or have any suggestions?