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    Boss wants me to explore a way to get a higher quality image of exteriors only.. is that done by ray trace? or is there another way that is faster...ray trace is on pass 830 and at 45 minutes ugh
  2. can you create a library item from a picture? drawing a dentist office remodel and wanted to add chairs in dentist rooms? just wondering if a 2d item could be imported from a picture? RC
  3. I had to use a polyline solid to make a custom ceiling. Is it possible to add recessed can to polyline solid?
  4. I drew an entire plan with wrong ceiling height. normally i would go to each room and fix it but this thing is huge.. can ceiling height be changed for entire plan
  5. i think i have a setting somwhere all messed up when i use our metal building starting plan and try to draw a auto room it sets the pitch to 96 and 12.. and i cant change it? what have i done Randy also if i try to draw it manually it does the same thing mcm.plan
  6. thank you Solver... gonna try to replicate that on the origanal... thanks again
  7. looks like it greg_ny61... but I can open plan?
  8. attaching it to the hip area is givving me fits
  9. can someone explin to me how to attach this shed roof.. i am struggling.. if you look at back of house it is the left side mainly? thanks RC shed.plan
  10. yall give me some tips? we do mainly houses we have builders that say take this house change this bathroom and we are going to use it here? so how do ya save files.. we do mostly builder name and address but its getting out of hand or just customer name..
  11. I think i figured it out wen in and turned off a few things in options... it'll work
  12. How do you create big windows for a store front?
  13. I have created a wood beam entrance out of a polyline solid I would like to rotate the grain of the wood i selected Is this posible? Rady
  14. yes they do not snap... I think Mr Potter mentioned that in an earlier post
  15. Mr Hall here is one I did Untitled 1.plan
  16. Thank you very much Mr. Potter
  17. I am struggleing with getting a wall outlet on an island in a kitchen. any help would appriciated RC
  18. Randyc

    Plot Plan

    my first plot drawing ... question the font on the plots dimensions are very small is there a way to increase font size thanks RC plat.plan
  19. how do I hide or get rid?
  20. one in bedroom closet as well?
  21. can someone explain the dotted line through my kitchen? Thanks RC rc.plan
  22. Thank you Both Very much.....!
  23. is that in the wall properties?
  24. t is the doorways going into the kitchen 4rc.plan