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  1. I frequently transfer Chief files between my PC & Laptop. Consistantly when opening files after transferring, the width of text has contracted by a space and forces a 2nd text line to be created. This happens in both plan and layout files. If I then select all the text on a plan or layout and open, and then close, the text widths correct themselves and all is okay. Annoying. Any ideas or remedies? Thanks Glen
  2. Having trouble with text when exporting .dwg files. Text loses auto sizing and can end up anywhere on my drawing after I export the drawing file. As well, the text is garbled at the receiving end. Any hints? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your notes. The problem does seem to appear after running for a time. I will try to add circumstance info if I can. At least I know I am not crazy! ha ha..... If you do find a reason or fix, please email me at Thanks so much. (Enjoying the new features! )
  4. Using latest X6. Persistent problem trying to activate dimension input on variety of objects, but especially walls. The cursor will not pick up the input box. Some objects on the same drawing will work. I can not figure out what difference between the objects that will dimension and the object which will not. It is a problem with both temporary dimensions and dimensions that have been input. Running on new PC with all the recommended components. Thanks for your help.