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  1. Your photo gallery looks great!  I am having the worst time getting my ray traces to look realistic.  The walls are always speckled.  I know it's my materials settings.  Any suggestions on some basic standard settings I should use?  Thanks!

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    2. Cheryl_C_Crane


      Well, it looks like you have the computing power needed.  Do you have your Default number of lights set at 100?


    3. stager386


      Default number of lights? No, I've never looked at that. Where would I find that?

      Here is my latest RT. See the specs on the red sofa? Lighting is odd.  Floor has no texture.

      Ray PR.jpg

    4. Cheryl_C_Crane


      Stager, I hope that these screenshots help in setting up defaults. When you find what works well for you, be sure to set your Templates to have those settings to save time on each plan. 

      I made a custom Toolbar that has really saved me a lot of futzing. It's very easy to do. I sincerely hope that these suggestions help.

      Camera View Lighting Tools.PNG

      Camera View Options.PNG

      Rendering Toolbar.PNG

      Tone Down Generic Sun to less than 500 and give it a slight yellow cast.PNG