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    SSA Libraries

    I know this was his only copy.....he bought it, and then decided he liked something else better (an expensive error). I've known this guy for years, and he is a drafting firm of need for additional copies. I'll just call on Monday and see what they tell's just frustrating. I didn't pay much from my friend, but if I can't get the SSA libraries I'm gonna be really upset....almost all the good Manufacturer's Libraries are SSA.....
  2. CheriAnn

    SSA Libraries

    Thanks! That makes you know how I would find out if the transfer was proper? He sent me some documentation and stuff, and I have the code, but as far as I know it's still in his name.....I never had to enter my name anywhere when I installed the program.
  3. CheriAnn

    SSA Libraries

    Crazy question.....I bought my copy of X6 second hand from a drafter in Minneapolis, and he did not purchase an SSA license when he bought the program originally. Can I buy just the SSA license? He only wanted Chief for creating plans, whereas I use it exclusively for interior design. Therefore he had no reason to spend the extra $'s, while I really NEED those symbols.
  4. CheriAnn

    Unfinished Dalton Plan Sample

    I would actually love it if anybody was willing to share some plans with me.....I am an interior designer, not an architect, and it is really difficult for me to get plan details right (especially roofs, basements, and the like). I just like to do
  5. CheriAnn

    Walk-out Basement Problems

    Hi All! I am currently running X6, and am having a hard time creating a walkout basement for a plan I'm working on. I am struggling to get the back yard terrain lowered, while leaving the main floor front at a ground level. I tried the procedure in the help files, but either ALL the terrain lowers to walkout basement level, or it ALL goes to main level elevation......any suggestions?