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  1. I am trying to determine how to model a window/wall configuration where two walls are used to create a thick wall appearance in the external elevation. I have been able to model it somewhat but need confirmation I am on the right path and help if filling in surface gaps. Best place to start is with the top down sketch from my architect that shows the wall/window configuration. I have also included the 2D elevation front view and a sketch of the cross-section through the window. I have modeled with two walls, adjusting the wall types to remove dry wall on the interior cavity between the two walls. The exterior wall has a pony wall to add the brick veneer. I have used a door opening to cut the hole in the the exterior wall - Is this the correct technique? The window on the interior wall insists on reversing itself i.e. the exterior side is oriented to the interior. How can I reverse this? The wall edge of the exterior and interior walls needs to be covered with the stucco covering - how to cover or paint this surface? I have a plan file attached plus screen caps of the results. Bill Home Designer Pro 2016 Build 17.1.1x64 Win7 4MB RAM (sadly) Recessed Window.plan