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  1. Got your message solver... I've been using Chief for many years (since version 8)... I used to post quite a lot years ago on this forum. But, I haven't really run into any issues that I need help with for years. If you don't have a solution, that's fine. I'm likely going use my SSA for assistance, as I'm guessing it's a bug.
  2. So, I'm working on this duplex, created a door schedule.... and the entry door labels are being mixed up somewhat with the doors into the garages. Both entry doors should be D07, and both Doors into the garage should be D09.... but one of each is switched around... one of the entry doors on the plan is called out as D09, and one of the Doors into the garage is being called out as D07... And, yes, if I open the doors from the plan, they are showing up correctly in the dialog box.