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  1. Okay, did that. Thanks!
  2. I will be glad to. How do I do that?
  3. Thanks so much David! That is exactly what I wanted!!
  4. Greeting! I am relatively new to Chief Architect, okay a newbie. I am attempting to draw a floor plan but am have a major problem with the roof line. The 'valley' in the garage area causes the roof line to not come straight across. I have tried & tried to fix this and looked at almost all of the roof tutorial videos. If someone would provide some guidance, I would really appreciate it. Attached is the plan Ronniego Floor I have purchased X9 Using windows 10 Thank you!! Suz (aka Ronniego)
  5. My customer wants a storm door on the front of his house. How to draw that with the front door swinging in and the storm door swinging out from the same opening. Thanks
  6. I know many of you like the cursor that has lines running the width and height of the screen. I favor the arrow cursor. To change it you go to preferences, but what do you select. I go through this with each new version. Thanks
  7. I think I started using CA when it was shareware and have always upgraded to the latest version. I can't remember ever going back to an older version. Here is the question; is there a compelling reason to keep X6 on my computer?
  8. Is it OK to offer for sale a scalemaster ll in an unopened box on this forum. If so and you're intersted PM me, if not moderator please delete.
  9. Dummy! You had main layer only checked. Thanks all just the same. A reminder to check your layer set.
  10. My 2x4 siding walls are not showing the siding, sheathing or drywall in the plan view but do show siding in elevations. I must have turned them off someway. Any ideas as to hoe to turn them back on. i tried to use 2x6 siding walls just to see if they would show finishes, but they didn't. Thanks X6+
  11. I am now using X6 and can't find a piano in my library. I migrated all my libs. from X5 and pretty sure I had one. Could you loan me one?