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  1. mikelcooke

    Sink - partition showing

    Thanks Mark, See what you mean.... in your overlay model the separations between the drawers should be doubled as well for perfect appearance to account for uniformity of reveal. I'm sure you know that ! Nice work around. Thanks , Mike
  2. mikelcooke

    Sink - partition showing

    When dropping a sink in a multifaced cabinet (like vanity combo) a generated partition shows . Is there a way to get rid of this, other than the temporary surface delete.
  3. mikelcooke

    Lock Live Renders

    Thanks, Knew it had to be there somewhere...These guys are too thorough Loving all these new features. Keed up the good work!
  4. mikelcooke

    Lock Live Renders

    How in X8 do I make renders sent to layout act the old way. If I turn off update on demand they seem to do so anyways when sent to print and also "park" at lower resolution? Hoping not to go through hassle of exporting as image...