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  1. Looking for a Builder, or Designer who works with builders that uses Chief Architect Software Home Designer 2018 Home is going to be built in Parrottsville, Tennessee, which is just outside of Newport, Tn approximately 45 minutes NE of Knoxville.
  2. Looking for someone with a large printer or plotter that can print my design made on Home Designer 2018 to proper Blue Print Scale, if there is such a thing.
  3. My wife and I currently live in the Birmingham, Alabama area, but we own some land in Cocke County TN. We are going to build our retirement home there in about three years, but want to start working with a Contractor/builder now. Here is our needs: I have been working with a program called Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2016 and would like to work with company that can read this file, or has the capability to receive and use .DXF or .EMF files. We only go to the land to camp, about once or twice a year, so working via internet is extremely important to us. This would not be our first custom built home, but it will be our last. What we would like to do is find a builder that meets our requirements, then send them a copy of what we designed and get a price on building a home to our specs. Once we are fully happy, we would be more then willing to partner up and together make any modifications to the design as needed and based on the land and my inexperience to actually design, and in 2020, start building Are you able to help us? Paul D and Debbi A Dziedzic PS. until we establish a relationship, e-mails only.