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    Thank you so much - It's wonderful , this is what I need to know. DraftingMD.
  2. DrafterMD


    Hello, I am trying to create storefronts. I cannot combine or make into a block two aluminum windows to appear like one with one mullion at the center. Any help on this. Thank you. Draftingmd.
  3. DrafterMD

    Prints in layout

    Thank you Joseph
  4. DrafterMD

    Prints in layout

    Hello, Is there a way that an object is visible in the layout but will not be visible on prints. Thank you, Draftingmd
  5. DrafterMD

    Raising Height Of Roof

    Thank you so much Graeme
  6. DrafterMD

    Raising Height Of Roof

    Hello, I am trying to raise the height of my roof by 12" using the Translate/Replicate command. After raising the Z axis by 12" , my wall covering changed and my windows dissappeared or covered. Only the Trims shows up in perspective view. I Appreciate any help on this-- Thank you