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  1. I have finished floor plans and a layout template but need someone to compile working drawings from my Chief files. Must be conversant with Australian Building Codes and Materials. Project is a split level home of approx 400 sq m
  2. Hi Farzan thanks for reaching out and I would like to talk further about my project. Can you send me an email direct so I can forward on a folder of information for you to look over regards steve smith - allied builders -
  3. Hi Damian, I have prepared a plan of my new display house and need it now as a wd for council submission. It is a split level design. I have a layout template that my previous drafting person used but not conversant enough to make sure I add the right detail. Is this something you may be able to help with?
  4. I am trying to set up a macro that will display the room sizes automatically in a text type box of to the side of my plan rather than having room sizes displayed in the rooms themselves. This is so that when I post my plans to my website the room sizes are there but it makes it a fraction harder to rip the plan off Any tips? copy of what I have done so far but I cant get the sizes to populate