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  1. My apologies to Mr Potter, his analysis of the problem was exactly right. I was looking at the 3d pattern layer which was already black. The line color of the material was white. I just didn't know how to dig that deep at the time, but I do now lol. Thanks for the help Jake
  2. thanks for the suggestion, but pattern lines are black. Any other ideas?
  3. Why would my brick not show up on elevations? Thanks Jake test.pdf
  4. I opened a plan done in x5 in x6. The fraction are shown as numbers. I've had this problem before about a year ago and ya'll help me find the setting to fix it, but I think it was in old forum and can't get the answer . thanks Jake
  5. Ok thanks for you help guys. When I get home I'll try it out.
  6. I suppose I was too vague. I'm simply trying to delete one side on a four sided polyline. Thanks Jake
  7. This is probably very simple but I'm stuck. In Autocad at polyline rectangle can be exploded to lines with the explode command. I can't seem to do this in Chief. Thanks for help. Jake
  8. I found what I looking (show on floor below button) after selecting 2nd floor planes. Duh must be time for a break. Thanks Jake
  9. Builder wants the first and second floor roof planes shown together. I have seen it done on a video, and have done myself in the past, but the method escapes me. Thanks Jake
  10. Larry Brown's video on his web site has a very detail tutorial on soldier bricks. It was done in ver 11 and when I made in x5 and tried to apply it to new plans they looked like the thumbnails above. I posted the plan in the old forum and got a few suggestions. Seems like Jintu told me about adjusting the casing depth, and it helped a little. I sold the project and moved on.
  11. I had the same problem when I created a brick molding using the methods used in older versions. You make it look a little better by adjusting the casing depth. If i'm not mistaken I think the method some are using now is to use a single brick and motor symbol as a molding instead of repeating a group, of them. I hope this helps Jake