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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I'll have to study the plan you included a little more. I still don't get it. I'm missing something.
  2. how do you shape the back of a cabinet so half of the cabinet is 12" deep and the other half is 24" deep. but the front is unchanged. that is left side is 12" deep, right side is 24" deep.
  3. Thank you. I was having problems with my plan views changing when I was trying to show wall framing and roof framing in plan views on a different page. I’ll have to look at my layer management. That’s why I thought live view and updates were involved in layout.
  4. why would my live view dialog window be grayed out when I am trying to create a viewport in Layout. it was working this morning but now is not. working in X11 on an imac. Tried starting a new file etc. same results