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  1. Sorry i should mention my email is if you want to contact me that way:)
  2. Hello Glen, Very good of you. When can you do it? I have got a GTM account - shall i send you a mtg appointment? Georgina
  3. Thanks for the help. Would there be someone who could have a go to meeting with me to show me on my computer & plan how this works? Thanks, Georgina
  4. Hello, I have created the existing terrain. I now need to create the modified terrain which has 2 different flat pad areas going right around the house. When i try and add a flat area (by adding a elevation region) i get a lot of jagged shapes. I think this is because the elevation lines are crossing each other. See attached images before and after the flat area is added. Can you please help me how to create a flat area around the house and then add retaining walls to hold back the existing sloping area, Thanks, Georgina