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  1. Thank you Mark! I had to do a bit more manipulating as they decided they wanted shelves on the back of the doors, too, but finally got the look they wanted.
  2. Is there a way to customize a pantry cabinet on the inside, but still have (2) full height doors? We need upper half of pantry to be full width adjustable shelves, bottom half to be spit vertically with pull out baskets on one side and roll shelves on the other side. We don't want to doors to be split horizontally.
  3. I added the comments column. I've been looking at videos and searching the training manuals. I think I have a lot to learn about schedules. Some schedules allow to add a comments column and some don't. I think on this plan I just renamed another item so I could add the column. Not sure why comments isn't listed on all schedules, but maybe that's what the notes schedule is for. It's time I took the time to study up on it instead of trying to do a work around that I may not need. Thanks for all the comments...
  4. Yes, and when I did that all the other columns would go back to one line and the columns would be too wide to fit on my layout completely. If I manually dragged the columns closer, the text wouldn't adjust. It seems to only affect the comments column that I added.
  5. I'm having trouble with the column width on schedules. I added and deleted some columns, set to auto height and width and all except the comments column size properly. I have tried searching help etc., and haven't found any information on this problem. I believe my computer recently updated windows 10, could this be a factor? Have tried restarting as well
  6. Chief X11 - How do you place objects under a dormer wall? I have a closet I want to put a door in and center but I can't center the door due to the dormer wall above.