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    Designing and building custom homes.
    Love flying in my spar time.
    Holds a commercial pilots license.
    Holds a degree in architecture.
  1. How can I get the new version, X12? It sounds like it has some great new features.
  2. I am a retired Custom home designer and builder. I would love to pick up a job or two that I could do in my home office. I have had over 50 years experience at the trade. If you are interested in me helping, please let me know. I go by the name of Lindy (Lindberg)
  3. I live in an area that has a slow internet speed; so slow that it is impossible to watch videos online. Question: Is it possible to obtain the latest videos on a disk? They seem to work much better when downloading is not required. Also, is it possible to obtain in-structural videos that take "one" from start to finish on how to draw "high end" complicated houses? (I am just learning CA, but I seem to have the basics covered)