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  1. Thank you Chief58, How did you arrive at raising the roof 12”? Was it trial and error or measuring the distance the roof was off or just plain magic? Or did it work the way it was supposed to for an automatic upper hip and you did something to correct a mistake I made? Anyway, Thanks Tom
  2. PHI1313

    Different ceiling heights

    I had the same problem when working on the first floor. I had unknowingly created different wall heights on the second floor while attempting to draw a cape cod roof. I did a full overview and discovered that my second floor wall heights were different. As I remember, I then made all the second floor wall the same heights and, Voilà. All was good again. I hope I am remembering correctly.
  3. To chief58, This is the only way I can find to send the files you requested. I hope you see this. Please see attached. Thank you in advance. Tom Good roof - WRONG GABLE 6-20-15 aaa CORRECT GABLE WALLS - 2nd hip too low Existing 2nd floor
  4. I am ashamed to say how long I have spent on this, so I will not. I am not new to Chief but I may as well be since I have not learned the new product for about ten years. Most of the stuff I knew does not work anymore. I drew all the existing walls, interior and exterior, for a cape cod that we are to remodel in both the first and second floor. I did all of the structure parts, but did not draw the roof until last. My problem is that there are three wall types and four separate walls in the gable wall separating the main house from a bedroom wing with a jalousie porch. Then the house has a clipped (high hip) roof. I can make the roof work almost correctly if I replace the combination of walls between the house and the wing (the first floor gable wall) with a masonry exterior wall for both the first and second floor. But this messes up the first floor rooms and when I correct the rooms by cutting and pasting from the original saved, but uncompleted plan, the roof messes up. I finally lined up all of the "correct types of walls" in the gable wall so there is one exterior plane, and got the gable (and roof) to work close to correct (there should be a four inch roof overhang at the cable, but the best I could do is a six inch). But, when I place the high hip with the correct dimensions, the hip goes too low into the second floor room. I guess I can keep raising the high hip until the second floor ceilings are no longer sloped, but that may cause other problems and I believe it should work with the correct dimensions, The high hip roof worked with the wrong gable wall in place, but not with the correct "combination of walls" as one-gable-wall in place. What am I doing wrong? Also, for stairs, they extend from the first floor subfloor upward to the bottom of the upper floor top star rise?? I think I saw that somewhere, but I am getting braindead from viewing videos. I am confused reading what I just wrote, but it seems accurate so I hope you are you ate not confused. Thanks, Tom Good roof 6-20-15 aaa 2nd hip too low Existing 2nd floor
  5. PHI1313

    Duplicate Floors

    Thank you Wendy. I am about to go with your suggestions. I appreciate it. Tom
  6. PHI1313

    Duplicate Floors

    I have used Chief since about when it first came out; even went to several classes by a guy from Maine, but I have not upgraded for a while until recently so I have a lot of learning to do. How do I duplicate the same floor plan in entirety so I can overlay the exact floor over the same existing floor below? I do remember (I think) many years ago one could do apartment building floors by duplicating exact floors one aver the other. We are remodeling an entire house (1932 in this case) and I need to see the existing layout below and to make changes as needed without redrawing the entire plan. In the past, for a bathroom or kitchen, etc. I have simply created a new floor above the existing and drawn the new bath, kitchen or whatever, but in this case an entire house is involved and that is a lot of redrawing in order to show the homeowner four or five different basic designs, as well as what can remain in place for cost savings. An overlay of the same floor also helps with demo plans. I tried opening the existing plan several times as someone suggested, but I could not get the same floor to overlay. Maybe I just could not figure it out. Is there anyway layers could help? Thanks, gtp