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  1. islandog

    lower rail on staircase

    Ok. Thanks everyone for your time to respond.
  2. islandog

    lower rail on staircase

    Yes version 8. The first screen shot I sent was from the reference guide in the help section in version 8. I would think it would associate the correct version when using the help guide.
  3. islandog

    lower rail on staircase

    This is what my staircase specification tab shows.
  4. islandog

    lower rail on staircase

    H Im probably overlooking something really simple but after 2 hrs I thought I would ask. i Im trying to add a bottom rail to a staircase and in the staircase specification tab i don't see the Railing panel as it shows below. Goes right from Breakline to Newels/Balusters Thanks in advance JimS
  5. islandog

    Aligning rooms from each

    When having multiple walls joining each other is the a way to align the distance off one room corner to another by dimension instead of dragging which is more difficult and time consuming and not as presise . I tried to alter offset of each room by clicking a wall and changing the dimension and it resizes the room Thx
  6. islandog

    Joining Multiple Dormer Roofs

    Im drawing a Cod Cod and I have 2 Gable dormers 1 foot in from each end and a shed roof in the middle of the 2 gable . How do I connect the roofs together and make them project trough the roof. X6 on a Mac.