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  1. Just put the light on the ceiling first, then select it, then click on Open symbol to open symbol properties. In Option panel, change it to Wall Mount.
  2. I think this should be a programming bug, but I don't know where to post it, so I just put here to share with other users, hope that some CA guy to pass by and correct it. I use CA X7. Usually I need to turn on patterns in Wall Elevator view, before exporting to CAD for wall tiles covering, like bath rooms, for example. Recently I found a bug, I cannot enable pattern view for new plan anymore, although I have turned on Pattern 3D view (in Layer Display Option) and Toggle patterns (in 3D menu). Open old plan files, it still works, patterns are on, it's only off for new plan. Old plans were all immigrated from X6 or older versions, so I presume that the function is still there, just because something was missing. Then I started to turn on one by one layer in Layer Display Option to find the bug and finally I found it at the very last option, check on "Wall, labels", patterns will be displayed. My Gods, what to do with Wall Labels here. So, finally I found a way to turn it on again for new plan, to do my work. But mystery is not ended yet, I open old plan file again for double check if old plan files have "Wall, Labels" on by incident? It's a big NO man, "Wall, Labels" is off all the way, so patterns view is not only controlled by "Wall, Labels", something else also affects, which one, Gods know, ha ha So, this is a bug, or I did something wrong, could anyone tell me, thank you.
  3. I have this plan, in Wall Elevation (Section view set) I have enable everything relate to roof framing, but can not see the roof at all, how to make it displayed?
  4. This way can select only a material in the main library, but not in plan's materials, so you have to add the material into main library first. But when you apply change, the material will be copy back into plan materials and cause a duplicate of that material, still not be able to reduce the number of item in plan's library
  5. This trick doesn't work for hidden position, i usually use it but still very troublesome.
  6. Wow, thank you very much, I don't know that's such easy, and always struggle with this task for almost 8 years of using CA
  7. Usually we can purge unused material, that's normal process. But if I would like to purge an used material, I have to find all objects those are using that material, then change to other material, after change all objects then I can purge. But if the marerial is used at an invisible, hidden position (for example shelves inside a cabinet) it is very difficult to find it to apply change, is there any easy and faster way to enumerate all objects are using a specific material?
  8. In plan view, I can export color filled area to ACAD but in Wall Elevator View I can't, all the export files are just simple line in black & white, what should I do to enable color filled area?