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  1. Well, I got no replies from anyone in northeast Ohio. However, I did receive several from others around the country. So I am expanding my search to anyone who is interested in the work with experience matching my description of a 5,000 one story house with a walk out basement. For those who already replied, I have your information and will start vetting after this poll. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Is there anyone in northeast Ohio offering services using CA? I have a design I did myself but would like to turn it over to a professional. The project is a one story 5,000 sq. ft. home with a walkout basement. My immediate goal is completing the design to a level that I can get a decent estimate of the cost to build. Hope to hear from someone.
  3. One more thing that would help when you contact me. I need expertise in a one story home with a walk-out basement. The basement is important as we have a 40" frost line. Please send emails of interest for me to consider. - mstrebler@roadrunner.com
  4. Thanks for the help from all. I received several offers to help and will start with those.
  5. I want to build a new custom home. I’ve been involved with construction and architects before. So I have no intention of doing my own design or drawings. However, I have some ideas of what I want so I bought Chief Architect Suite (CAS) to get my ideas on paper. I am truly impressed with how powerful the software is. I get on my son about how much time he spends on video games. I now have no room to talk as CAS just sucked my time until I had something I liked. But I want to go no further. I want to find someone that can take my plans and turn them into something professional. I have read the threads of architects vs. home designers and don’t really care about differentiating between the two disciplines. I want to find someone that can take my plan to the next level. Since I have worked with CAS, I started looking for a professional in northeast Ohio who works with the software but to no avail. My question is, how do I locate someone who can pick up my plan and go forward? Can it be done remotely or do I need to find someone local? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.