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  1. Looking for a Part-Time Residential Drafter in Valley Center, CA Duties: Collaborate with clients, engineers, and other professionals to develop design concepts. Including design proposals, including floor plans, elevations, and renderings. Create detailed architectural 2D & 3D animations using Chief Architect Conduct site visits to assess existing conditions and gather measurements for accurate design development.  Review and revise designs based on client feedback and project constraints.  Stay updated on industry trends and advancements in architectural design. Minimum Qualifications: -Ideal candidate must have excellent communication skills -Proficiency in graphic design software, preferred Chief Architect. -Strong understanding of Southern California Building Codes and construction methods. -Willingness to learn new software This is not a work-from-home position.
  2. Just like "Dtrconstruction" mentioned, this happened after I upgraded to X15. The walls are regular 2x6 walls, not invisible or transparent materials. This happens on all my floor plans. What do you mean "post the plan" Thank you.
  3. When choosing the "full perspective view" on a floor plan and choosing the standard view, the materials do not show up. The "active layer display" used layers have been turned on but the materials/view do not show up. How do I correct this? Thank you.
  4. Looking for part time employee to assist with designing and generating house plans. Remote work okay.