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  1. Gah! That is exactly what I wanted... I totally missed it. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Hi All, does anyone have a quick/easy way of creating a tapered box (ie. think of a tapered top newel post or column - 4" square @ bottom and 3.5" square @ top)? Without having to create a box and 'subtract' the tapered portions. Would be nice if the pyramid tool could have a top size spec so that it could be 0 for a pyramid or a specified size to create a tapered box. Thanks for any help! Ewa Chief Premier X10 (user since X2)
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys - no the files have not moved and I haven't changed any of my file/server structure in well over a year. So it is a tricky one. I get tech support on it and post back the outcome.
  4. This has happened few times now on both my desktop and laptop when starting chief and opening up a file. It runs through this Searching for file and scans through a tonne of directories. It has been about 1.5hrs and still hasn't completed. Has anyone else run into this or know how to avoid having it happen? Thanks so much for any insight. Chief Architect X10 Premier.
  5. Thanks for the reply - guess it confirms that we've all be using work arounds to get this to happen. I certainly feel like this needs to be added into the dimension defaults to be able to pick up on doors or openings of cabinets. Necessary to produce proper casework drawings. Guess we all vote for that added feature in X9!
  6. Hi All, wondering if anyone can tell me if you can dimension to partitions, doors/drawers in cabinet elevations. Rather than just toe, moldings and edges. Need a way to inform cabinetmaker on heights of these and or height of openings in the cabinet (ie, for build in appliances). Ewa Dwell Design, Peterborough On Canada X8 Premier
  7. I've run into this a few times now and I always work around it and have not had the chance to resolve how to do this properly. I have the ACAD survey base drawing. All elevation shots are on the drawing as ACAD 'point's. They are valid points with X height information. The ACAD file is in metric units, CHief is imperial - but I am importing it with unit specified on the import (the terrain perimeter imported from the same ACAD file came in correctly). When I attempt to import these 'point's - they do not import no matter what I try! ps. I turned on all layers & filled window in the view to make sure they are not hiding somewhere..... Help! Attached is the dwg file with the points X8 User Grade Points.zip