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  1. Seems like it is very limited
  2. I have X8 Seems like chief should have had this option in earlier versions. This is basic stuff
  3. Can you stretch items in 2D as in auto cad. Basically moving points inside a window selection.
  4. The brick ledge setting in the wall specification does not seem to change anything. I have version X8 Is this broken?
  5. I was able to draw a short rafter on the roof I was trying to place rafter on and then stretch out. This worked for me.
  6. I have 2 roofs above each other & can't seem to get a manual rafter to go to the roof I want. Is there any way to control this?
  7. Can't get 2 fixed windows to become a corner window. They are the same height. These are transom windows above corner windows below. I am using version X8
  8. Is there a way to have framing follow a ceiling plane?
  9. it seems it was the stone texture causing the problem. I changed the material and no more problem. weird
  10. Here is my wall definition. It seems you can't change individual layers to framing etc
  11. when I install a pocket door with stone on the exterior it removes the stone in the pocket area. How do I fix this. I have X8
  12. Tried on ver 7& 8 same result
  13. Can't seem to align upper pony wall stone on foundation with first floor stone layer. I have outer layer checked for alignment.