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  1. Thanks I was able to manually put in the rim and floor joist. I also simplify it by making the other half of the slab the same as the attached home. The only thing that isn’t showing is the slab underneath the joist. Perhaps I can build a slab underneath it.
  2. Hello, I was able to figure out to convert one slab and partition into garage and then had the garage lower than the attached home. Although, I don't know what the grey lines are that was created on each side (top and bottom). I am doing a garage conversion and need to add 6 inch joist in the garage. I figure 16 inch on center between joist. How do I get it to build automatically on the garage slab. thanks, Ben
  3. Thanks Joey. It’s kinda fun. I remember doing this stuff on a light table. I tried deleting the foundation and setting the setting to a slab then rebuilding it. The house is attached to a garage. What happens is that the garage now looks like a footing. I want to rebuild a section basically the one under the house. normally when I start, I build the house and garage. I then separate the walls. Select one as garage and the other as living space. i already added a one bedroom and entire layout for the garage conversion. How do I go back and be able to select the garage side and lower it to 6 inches. I suppose I can add a slab but would prefer to divide it and change the setting for each. What happens now is when I try to make changes the garage is not selectable anymore. When creating a room I’m able use a break and able to now select a portion and be able to select that specific portion to update settings.
  4. Hi newbie here. I basically created the floor plan and happy with the layout. I realized I had selected the stem wall and wanted to change to monolithic slab but can’t seem to do it. I’d like to get rid of the floor joist as well when rebuilding the foundation. i also wanted to add floor joist to garage to do a garage conversion and raise it up to the attached house. Every time I try to build foundation it will rebuild the house and the garage. How do I rebuild the foundation on attach house when changing stem to slab without changing the garage,s foundation? can I also populate the slab with floor joist automatically? thanks, minh