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  1. yes you can. i work with with a office furnituer company and have used combination of CA cabinets , google SketchUp and bonus libraries to create units that fits our design and specification. the design possibilities are unlimited.
  2. Thanks Jon I got it now very easy
  3. Hi I have already created individual plan file for each symbol category , but every time to go trough the procedure is very time consuming and my user library becomes become very large and cumbersome to navigate through.
  4. I gave the cabinet example as simple demonstration. I want to be able to modify the symbols without creating new ones.please let me know what are the advance method are. I am trying to create units for closet system. The closet systems do not have back, but the cabinet tool comes with back. i can create a double hanging unit with modifying the base unit, but in-order two delete the back and installing hanging rod i can not modify the cabinets so i need to create symbols by building the unit from scratch.
  5. Hi I just gave the example of cabinet to simplify the question. the cabinet tool in program has its limitation for creating certain units.My question would be in more general term of exploding any created symbol.
  6. Hi I can create symbols and save them in user library. I like to know if there is any way to explode a symbol after it is saved in library in-order to modify it and save it again. For example i created a special cabinet with two shelves and save it as symbol. If i want to make the cabinet with three shelves i need to create a new unit.i like to avoid this by exploding the prior cabinet with two shelves and add third shelve in the plan view thanks.
  7. I am using X6 version. I have created symbols and saved in user gallery. is there any way to explode the symbols and modify them or do i need to create new symbols each time. Thank you for your help