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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, however I checked the dialog box and it was set to black and white for both x12 & x15.
  2. Our company recently updated our Chief program from X12 to X15. Everything seemed to move over without any major disruptions except for the cross section views. Our standard is to use a vector view cross section with no color (F8). Now that we've updated the program, all the elevation that have been saved show the fixtures ans tile patterns almost at a grayscale lightness instead of black and white. The layer primarily affected in the attached images are the interior fixtures. Both images have the same layer properties: a 10 line weight, teal color (R:0; G:255; B:255), and a solid line style. The vector rendering technique options have the same properties between x12 and x15. The only way I have been able to change the elevation close to what it should be is to change the layer color to black, but even though there is improvement in visibility, the line weights still don't translate to the way they did in x12. This also only happens in the cross section views; the floor plan line weights remain unchanged. Is there a setting I can adjust to darken the elevation lines?