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  1. I figured it out... in Room Specification-Structure, the floor finish was set to 0" thickness. Not sure how this happened, as it was accurate before I tweaked the cabinets in this room. Weird. Thank you for your help ericepv!
  2. Sorry, my plan is too big to upload here, even if I zip it. The room is correctly labeled as "Hall" with the plank flooring that I want. I don't get it...
  3. I don't know what I did, but the floor is not showing up. When I open Room Specification, the floor finish is input correctly. I'm seeing a concrete floor in the rendering. What am I missing?
  4. I have the box checked for "No Room Definition" because in the rendering, the wall looks incomplete. When I do so, the elevation doesn't show the pony wall at all. Please help.
  5. Good morning, I just received my first plan from the Canvas app and need help figuring out how to import it onto my template so that all the fonts, layers, settings, etc are how I like them. Is this possible, or am I going to have to go through each item and adjust it? Is anyone able to give me a step by step?
  6. Well, I feel like a dumb-dumb! My reference layer was on. It's only one story, so I didn't think of that. Thank you guys!
  7. I have deleted this wall and redrawn it, checked my wall type, layer settings... I just can't figure it out! Why is this wall red? The windows are being demo'd, so they are supposed to be red, but why the wall? Please help.
  8. Sorry. Here you go... I deleted a ceiling surface and now i only have 2 lines. Shouldn't it just be a single line though?Concept
  9. Why are there so many ceiling lines in my elevation?