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  1. Okay, i followed the advice of @Chopsaw, by removing the curved wall and instead drawing CAD arcs and lines to replace it. I converted the closed shaped to a polyline solid, then placed my arched cutout (the solid which i already created) into the exact spot where i wanted the subtraction. I'm really streamlining this explanation, because it took me plenty of trial-and-error to set everything correctly.

    I then selected the wall shape, did the subtraction with the arched cutout, and fnally got it EXACTLY the way i wanted! To wit:


    wall cutout solution.PNG


    A suggestion for anyone trying to do complicated solid construction:


    When doing subtractions, make sure the shape you're using extends beyond the faces of the main solid (that you're subtracting from), or it will leave a "face" on the side that wasnt subtracted all the way thru. This includes the wall sides as well as the ceilings and floor sides. I ended making a cut along the floor face of the wall solid, which caused a texture conflict between the room floor texture and the cutout texture on the bottom face. (The only way to solve that was to lower the wall so the leftover face was below the room floor — ugly and time-consuming!).

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  2. Thanks so much @Chopsaw! You have a grasp of what i need to do. Those are detailed enough instructions that i should be able to make a go of it.


    Incidentally i cut my teeth on 3D-space modeling with Unreal's subtractive methodology, so this is instinctive to me. It looks like CA11 has the tools i need to get it done.


    I'll let you know if im running into problems.

  3. No this is the way its going to be built.


    The "space" between the curved living room wall and the straight garage wall is concrete fill, but thats secondary. Its the cut of the arched hall thru the masonry thats important. The walls of this little hall will be stone — the same as the length of both walls.


    In your suggestion for a subtractive cut, i need instructions on how to set that up. I couldnt find in any of the help pages how to make that. (Maybe i wasnt using the right search words! :)

  4. User of CA 11 on windows 7 64-bit.


    I need to place an arched mini-tunnel thru an unusually shaped stone interior wall. 205472587_wallcutoutproblem.thumb.PNG.265ecebac47642ffba35a79d1042fe52.PNG

    On the left is the living room, and there is a small arched doorway leading to the door from the garage on  the right. The problem is, the passage (shown for reference by the box) cuts into the curve of this stone masonry before opening to the garage wall, and i cant figure out what tool or process will help me get a cutout of the wall. And a search in the forums gave hints, but no solution to my particular problem.


    I am open to reworking this odd wall if theres no other way.


    Can anyone provide a solution?