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    Can't Save Camera View

    See this thread:
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    Can't Save Camera View

    Where to check that?
  3. sunyaer

    Can't Save Camera View

    In the attached model, a camera or section view could be added but can't be saved, the camera or the section view disappears on the exit of the model. What is the problem? Thanks in advance. Door kit 2 Camera Test.plan
  4. Hi Mark, it seems these objects are not selectable. How to select and remove them (shown in the following attachment picture) from the model? Also, would you mind summarizing the steps creating the door given in your model by using the solution? If it would be great if a model could be provided as well.
  5. But the doors in the core catalog have the right grain orientation. Is this possible for doors we make using the method in question?
  6. Joe's method fixed the problem. There seem to be two small things. One is about the material change. When material eyedroper is used to change material, the rails are not changed at once, which require another click. I used Mark's door provided in his model. I guess it's might be that the rails are not included in the whole block. Is there a solution? Another thing is regarding the smoothness of the edges of the rails, stiles and 3D beads. I noticed some jagged edges in the door in a model using library created with Mark's door in his model. Is it that the lines in Mark's model are not 100 percent straight? And how to fix this? Why use -3, +3 for adding muntins?
  7. Thanks a lot, Mark and Joe, I'm almost getting there. There is a problem with the door. When it gets scaled to fit various sizes in the width direction, the stiles get narrow or wider. That's not something we want, right? I feel that it has something to do with the stretch planes when adding 3D symbol to the library. How to set up the options to fix the above problem?
  8. This is the door in a plan view I pulled from the core catalog.
  9. In the core catalog, the 3D view for a cabinet door is a base cabinet. There is also a plan view for the door. How to make changes to the framing section of the door? Is it possible to create a base cabinet 3D image and a plan view for the modified door? Attached is the recessed panel EP images. What I need is to make changes to the door profile and save it in user catalog. I have been able to pull a door into a plan view, but couldn't figure out how to make changes to the profile. I also want to create the base cabinet 3D and plan view drawing for the door which will be saved in user catalog. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Could you please shed more light on how to do it? Just looking through the manual doesn't help much now for a beginner of this software. In the core catalog, the cabinet doors have a 3d symbol. But I think this 3d symbol is just a visual presentation, the actual block should be the door. So the question is: how to create this 3d symbol and the door block by modifying the cabinet doors in the core catalogs. I am experienced in other 3d modeling software such as autocad but new with Chief Architect. A brief process with steps would help and be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. Could you please give a hint on how to modify the door framing style with your own, as asked in post #3?
  12. Yes, I am a remodeler. What I need is not pricing and inventory, but the design to show to clients in order to close the sale. How to make the modifications, such as changing the framing profile of the cabinet door and the profile of the drawer? But I want to keep the base / wall cabinet specification the way as in the core catalogs.
  13. I am trying out Chief Architect X6 Premier. Is there a way to create user cabinet catalogs by using the core catalogs with customized cabinet door, drawer and panel styles? The customization needs to include not only color, but also door framing style, which may not be available anywhere in the core catalog. By using the core catalog, I want to maintain the base / wall cabinet specification structure, in which I can customize further the way as with the core catalogs.