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  1. Has anyone experienced these report errors after trying to update the catalog set in the library? I've deleted the CAD Block Bonus Catalog, reran the update and it's clean. I downloaded the catalog anew / FRESH from the website and installed it successfully. BAM.... same error returns when I press the "Update Library Catalogs" button. See screenshot below. Thanks for any help you can provide, Mark PS -- I'll add commentary that we are a bit frustrated with the new library format -- it changes (probably due to user farble) and it's not very intuitive how to return to the format we were used to when searching libraries, getting confused when there is a filter set (that makes catalogs disappear). Yes, we can work with it, but seriously lacks some intuition it used to contain. PSS -- Also a bit confusing with Catalog Updates: If the Time Tracker timeout pops up during a catalog install or library catalog update -- the program appears to FREEZE during operation with no way to take action. This happened when installing the HUGE Kohler catalog and Task Manager said CA was NOT RESPONDING. I was about to force it to end, when it suddenly finished. It should never freeze preventing any action, like accepting the Time Tracker. And either way -- a Catalog Update always leaves the last catalog showing as 100% completed when the attached error message shows up, leading one to believe THE ERROR MESSAGE APPLIES TO THE LAST CATALOG until you carefully read the message (in my case: message for CAD BLOCKS and Last Catalog: ZLINE. Not related.) Thanks for listening to the PS/S ...
  2. Yup... forgot the example.... See attached.
  3. Thank you both @DBCooper and @glennw! That helped a lot. However, I still feel there is a weakness and wonder if it is worth reporting -- Note in the following example of my Material List with Categories and SubCategories and the Materials by Layer Display. I feel there is a disconnect (for example with Fixtures) where the Material List states ONLY ID = Fixtures, but The Layer Display options are Fixtures, Exterior / Interior / Labels. And, the Sub Category in the Material List is empty for absolutely every entry. To me, this appears an inconsistency, no? However, to do what I need to do, I can manually interpret and get it done so not urgent. Thanks again guys! Mark and Donna
  4. OK - I'm familiar with layers and creating a custom set based on selecting to view a custom selection of Layer to show. PROBLEM: I've been "surprised" when I deselect a certain layer and something important disappears... but sadly may not know it for a few days. Often, it's because I don't pay too much attention to the default layer when placing items in a design and certain layers may be open to interpretation, like "Fixtures, Exterior". DESIRE: A material list BY DEFAULT LAYER of all items. I can create a material list and it contains everything, but not by Layer. Can this be done? More importantly, am I missing something critical if no one else has this challenge? Thanks for your thoughts, Mark X14 Build on Windows 10
  5. Thank you Mick. Thought I "Migrated" everything. however, your suggestion is simple and straightforward. Embarrassed I didn't think of it. :-) Will give that go and safely dump old stuff. Cheers.
  6. The maddening template texture missing file. Running X14 and want to clear out X9 X13 etc. from Document files but can't because a plan initiated in X13 then after migrating to X14 complains there is a missing texture file. Can I somehow migrate the X13 to X14? I know I can search X14 for a replacement material... But why isn't this handled by a PLAN MIGRATION action or something similar? I'm sure I'll get the same if I start opening one of the many previous plans I've done. Must I continue to keep every previous version of Chief? Thanks for your suggestions. OBTW... On Windows 10 Chief X14 Build
  7. Thank you gents! I added .msi to the existing file and it updated without incident to 24.2. I am using the up-to-date version of Firefox. It hasn't stripped the msi suffix in the past.
  8. Just downloaded Chief update 24.2 on PC/Windows and the filename is: Chief_Architect_Premier-24.2.0(3).51-Win64 there is no suffix. Is this really an MSI file? Is it only me?
  9. I appreciate the recommendations in this Q&A. However concerns over weight were mentioned. Does anyone recommend a smaller but powerful laptop, lighter, thinner maybe 13-15 inch screen? Lookinging to use this with a 27 inch monitor. TIA