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  1. @SusanC What do you do to ensure material files/images are visible for anyone accessing the plan files? If you usually share backup plan files, how do you organize the folder so it's not overcrowded with so many versions of the same plan file? We're desperately trying to figure out how to organize our iCloud folder so material files/images appear for everyone accessing the plan file without create too many duplicate files.
  2. Again, super helpful! Thank you! Is it correct to assume that you're mainly an individual operation?
  3. Wow! The video is super helpful! Sounds like Dropbox and OneDrive are common and possibly other NAS. What do you all do for workflow? Generating and approving designs, selections, invoices, handing off project phases between team members?
  4. Hello! We're a three person kitchen, bath, and interior design firm using Chief Architect for our designs. We currently save all our Chief Architect files in iCloud, and manage workflow, selection, invoicing, etc in Apple Numbers, Pages, etc which is getting nutty. I'm curious what other firms using Chief Architect do for workflow, selection, invoice to stay organized. Dropbox for Chief Architect file storage and a separate software for the rest? What do you like and don't like about your workflow system? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm trying to draw a shower wall that has a wall niche and tiled molding around the edge of the wall. Right now, I'm using a full height cabinet with a door to show the molding which is blocking the wall niche in the 3D and elevation views. What's the best way to add molding to a wall that allows the wall niche to show? It's the vertical molding that's an issue - horizontal moldings are fairly easy with chair rails. Thank you
  6. Is there a way to add two knobs on the top drawer and single pulls on the bottom drawers in a base cabinet like this drawing? The option to add two handles in Door/Drawer controls all the drawers which doesn't work for the look I'm after. Thank you!
  7. This looks like a great solution but I must be doing something wrong. Is it the 'Text' or 'Text Line with Arrow' command? Here's what's happening with mine. Shows up as %comment%
  8. Hello! I'm new to Chief Architect. Is there a way to automatically display the comments associated with each cabinet in a kitchen wall elevation view? I've poked around in Tools-->Layer-->Display Settings and figured out how to automatically display cabinet numbers but don't see any way to auto display comments. TIA!