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  1. Yes, the site is on mostly solid rock that will have to be blasted in some spots. Its on Gambier Island, sunshine coast BC
  2. Does anyone have a suggestion to modify terrain to create an even slope to be used for driveway? The terrain is on solid rock (I created the terrain using elevation data) and the elevation region tool works well for flat level areas that will be blasted. It would be nice if the elevation region tool included options for sloping as well.
  3. Thanks guys, the architect was happy with the fee I placed on the model so going forward have a better sense on what to charge. It is pretty easy to get lost in the details which swallows up time but that will come with experience
  4. Thanks for the advice on the Ray trace cameras, will look into that. I intend on estimating my time (and doubling that time seems like good advice) for projects going forward. I took way too long on these jobs as was using the jobs to learn the software. Once competent and efficient with the software I would estimate that the house with the roof top deck to current stage of model including supplying viewing options might be in the area of 30 hours but that's really a guess without having much experience. Does 30 hours sound reasonable on the roof top deck home for someone who is efficient with Chief (charging out at $100 per hour for example)
  5. My first client is an Architect using 2D CAD. I import the DWG plan views and sections to start model process. Both homes are pretty complex and with my current level of experience took me a while to model.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply, At this stage of the game I'm just supplying a 3D model to start and if I am involved with the clients to make changes then will move to an hourly rate. I intend to charge a flat fee for the modelling service so am curious for example what you might charge in your area as a flat fee for the 3 level house with loft above garage? And an appropriate hourly rate to work with the clients doing real time changes and material applying. In my eyes the value is there in creating a 3D model as it becomes the centralized source of information between clients, architects, designers and contractors not to mention all the hours saved and problems solved ahead of time. Since this is my first job, I am looking for guidance to set an appropriate amount.
  7. I am a journeyman carpenter working with local architects to provide models from their CAD plans. Any input on what the going rates are for this service. I'm not producing final plans, just detailed models to provide the architect, clients, and contractors. I am in Vancouver area of BC. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Here are some links to view the models framing Landale home
  8. Thanks for both thorough explanations. I have a better understanding of how the terrain data interacts with setting the subfloor height. My concern was to accurately position model on 3D terrain.
  9. Is there a way to set the first floor to reference a datum in the imported surveyor's DWG? For example, the contours are in meters and the plans call for setting the top of slab to 98.75. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.