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  1. Please look though this information and if you think you are up to the task and looking for some fun and adventure vs the same-old stuff, PM me and we can do a video call and discuss more in depth. This is a large venture with dozens of buildings eventually including clubhouse on the river, boat house, Orc, Elven, Gnome, Hobbit, Dwarven, and Fae styles as well as glamping platforms along the river. We are starting with three structures: 2 elvish homes and a Orc encamplment shop/storage facility with upstairs appartment. I have basic drawings and layout, but need someone who can screen share video call to get the style aspects in place. Will provide access to my sharepoint cloud folder where I keep my HDP data files. I am looking for an hourly rate to be provided. There is no panic rush on this, just steady progress as we work on items together. I am a CPA by profession, but have developed several home remodels for my person use in HDP 2019 and just recently upgraded to HDP 2024. Specifics I am looking for assistance with on the current three builds are: Customized roof lines curved, arched, center beam, Hex or Octagon Master suite with vaulted ceiling double high terrain integration using USGS Lidar data to show walk-out basement Special types of floor trusses (open space grid) Roof truss barrel, vault, cusom made, exposed timbers Circular towers/stairwell Hidden doorways/closets/passages/shelving Materials show novel construction materials like Cedar wood Posts Log deck rails Carved stone sinks, tubs, shower floor/walls Introducing Aldaron.docx T248X25LB-2022.pdf Styles.xlsx
  2. Farzan, I am not sure if there is a language issue or if you are just not paying attention to what I post, but I have asked HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE PAYMENT? Sure you cost $19/hr, but how am I going to process sending you payment from the USA? Secondly, I attached to the original post the QGIS data file that has the Lidar data already downloaded and converted to show the contour elevation information as shown in the screen shot snap png file. Third, I attached the pdf of the survey I received. The boundary lines of this survey are what I need to have overlayed onto the QGIS lidar data. So to summarize open questions from me: 1 - HOW DO I PAY YOU? 2- Plealse look over the data I providedand let me know an estimate of how many hours it will take or a quote of the price you will charge to a) load the QGIS file b) add a layer for the survey boundaries (shown in the pdf) c) create a file to load into HomeDesigner Pro with the boundaries and countour data cropped to just the boundaries. The QGIS data is a much larger area than the boundaries and so need to have the HomeDesigner data file only show up to the boundaries. d) import the data into HomeDesigner Pro, send me a screen shot showing it is in the software and then send me the HomeDesigner Pro data file so I can load it into my software. I would like to work with you on this, but need to have my quesitons answered and need you to look over what I have provided.
  3. Are you able to take a pdf survey and overlay it with the USGS Lidar data? Then import to Home Designer Pro? Also, how to yo accept payment from the USA? How would I pay you?
  4. I am looking for someone to merge data and upload into HomeDesigner Pro. I have the USGS Lidar date imported and loaded into QGIS with elevation and latitiude/longitude. I also have a survey showing the corners bearings and feet boundaries. I would like to be able to layer these together with Google Earth Data and then be able to have in a format that can be loaded into Home Designer Pro. Please contact me with interest, questions, estimated costs. Leon Barker 703-861-8727 Aldaron.qgz T248X25LB-2022.pdf