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  1. @Chopsaw I'm playing around with this. It seems a bit tricky to do it in just one spot (more as framing than a surface layer), but it seems plausible. Some of these structural elements may simply be better left as notes or up to interpretation of the framers... EDIT: Okay I just stumbled onto something w/respect to roof overframing! In some instances you may need two enable overframing on _both_ the "under" _and_ the "over" planes. When I first tested out the feature I only needed to do it for the "under", but just on a whim I tried doing it on the over and all of a sudden the shoe plate appeared! In the photo below, both planes 1 & 2 have overframing enabled.
  2. So as per a prior question, I am manually drawing a subset of my roof. With the roof overdraw feature enabled I got these nice shoe plates that look correct. Is there a way to manually draw these? I feel like I've tried every object type under "Roof Framing Tools" but they all end up as blocking rather than resting on top of the rafters. And yes I have tried changing the "Role" of the object to "Shoe Plate". It seems to have no effect. I'm using Chief Architect Premier X14.
  3. Thanks for the info and work-arounds everyone. Just having it confirmed that it's not possible is a big time saver!
  4. @GeneDavis That's correct I just wanted them butted or sistered or whatever. @joey_martin The bearing line isn't working for me, though it's entirely possible I'm doing something wrong. I tried adding the foundation to see if that would help but no luck. Does Chief have any programming for breaking down larger lumber dimensions, or is it normally the case that an architect expects to hand-perform those when they occur? I can do that of course, but I prefer to automate things if possible.
  5. I am creating a design for my home renovation and have a spot where I want to run a rafter over a load-bearing wall or beam. I figured the rafters would be split into two groups at this bearing point. Is there a way to do this in Chief? I'm at the top version now: Architect Premier X14. I've tried beams and fake walls but I can't seem to find anything to trigger a break point. It looks like for floor joists there are some options to this effect but I can't find anything for roofs/rafters. I've attached my test project for this concept. Roudn3.plan