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    Imported 3D Symbol (3Ds) Rendering Wrong

    Thank you very much! Was this issue maybe caused by a dodgy alpha channel in the png itself, or could it be reported as a problem with chief?
  2. sirwilliam

    Imported 3D Symbol (3Ds) Rendering Wrong

    I've uploaded it to dropbox because this forum won't let me upload blend files. If it helps, I'm using Blender 2.69. Model: Texture: Thanks!
  3. sirwilliam

    Imported 3D Symbol (3Ds) Rendering Wrong

    Thanks for the help! Would that be some sort of transparency issue or some sort layering thing? I can't see the option to import from DAE, is this possible in X5? I only have DWG, DXF, OBJ, 3DS, SKP
  4. I have created a simple 3D model in Blender, and am trying to now import it into chief X5 as a 3ds. I've done this before with other models (which were successful), but this one is giving me no end of trouble. I've been battling with various settings in both Blender and chief and I still can't get it to look right. I have enabled "Cull Layered Transparent Surfaces" in the object properties which improved the situation, but it still looks like this, with the wheels showing through the body (no matter which angle you view from). As you can see from the screenshot, it is shown in the preview window without a problem at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing it or how I could set the model up differently to avoid this issue?