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  1. The new design Pixel 2’x2’ powder-coated aluminum lay-in panels which create an unrefined, organic feel through natural inspirations like breeze, reiterating the swirl of air and evoking nature. The grid pattern continues seamlessly from panel to panel. You have the choice of fleece backers, which help in muting background sounds. Specifications: Product Type: Perforated Metal with Tegular Look Size: 600mm x 600 mm Material: Aluminum & GI Thickness: 38mm Colors: White, Black & Wooden Texture Application: Ceiling & Wall. Product Used: Metal Ceiling
  2. Acoustic Baffle inspired by Gradience of geometry – Optics Illusions Gradience of geometry – Optics Illusions, is inspired from the illusionary geometric lines creating a visually engaging ambience to the space. The new baffles provide you with the required acoustic comfort (NRC up to 0.7). Two layers of baffles are glued together to bring the layered appearance and used multiple colors to give the illusions. The baffles are ornamental and may be utilized in both vast, open spaces and rooms with few walls. Acoustic Performance The acoustic baffles help reduce unwanted sound of any space whether it be a room, hall, or even open spaces. These panels are arranged in voguish designs and can be customized according to the acoustic requirements. This makes them perfect for a variety of applications, from office halls to conference rooms. It transforms the space to a new look without compromising on its functionality. Application Details Plain-lined baffles are used to construct a circle. One circle contains multiple baffles, which are placed in a spiral form to give an illusionary kind of feel. SPECIFICATION Baffle Thickness: 12mm Maximum Dimensions: L- 1420mm, W- 1710mm, H- 1002mm Composition: 100% Polyester Core Warranty: 2 Years Fire Rating: Class ‘A’ and Class ‘B’ NRC up to 0.70 Refer: https://www.tranquilglobal.com/acoustics/ecocore-pet-panel/panels-and-felt.html Acoustic Product Used: Tranquil Ecocore polyester fiber acoustic panel