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  1. So I found it under Accessories / Pilasters. Many thanks
  2. Good morning, Can anyone advise how to apply a vertical molding to a cabinet? I'm trying to apply a decorative 3" molding to the front a cabinet vertically, however I only seem to have the option of applying Crown or Base molding horizontally. Many thanks David
  3. So I just spoke with Chief Architect Tech Support and they were very helpful! Turns out the problem was with my two extended displays. I had both monitors going through a splitter into the USB input in my laptop. I removed one HDMI from the splitter and put it straight into the HDMI port on my laptop and now everything works properly! Thanks to everyone for your helpful responses. David
  4. Hello, Can anyone help with Mouse/Cursor issues in Chief Architect X14? If I am on a plan or layout the Mouse cursor moves differently. I'm finding that the cursor has a lag on it and I'm constantly overshooting points that I want to click on so its an effort to click on objects. The best way I can describe it is its like trying to run on ice! If you move the cursor on to the Library / Project Browser Panels it works fine. I've tried playing around with selections in EDIT, PREFERENCES, EDIT / BEHAVIORS / SNAP PROPERTIES, but this has made little difference. Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks David