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  1. The two screenshots from the plan in 3D, the roofs are not lining up as I would like them too as the examples of the other 4 houses with the exception of 1 with a shed style that I also like. The peaks on one of the 3D screenshots without the porch are forming a valley and a hip over the main garage that is staggered (circled in red). The other screenshot in 3D shows the porch but its connecting not as I would like (doing the same problem as the screenshot circled in red and also the area the porch connects too.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I am majoring in Arch super intrigued by it and on the mission to master CA as it seems the way to go for residential based projects. The issue I am facing is keeping roof planes uniform and making them act properly. I'm sure my situation is not complex to most of you and maybe a lack of general understanding on my part as the roof system has been tough for me to grasp and I am not giving up. Prior to coming on the forum I have watched countless hours of video and tutorials to try to understand how to make such changes within the program properly. I posted pictures and the original file showing the areas I would like help/understanding on (the roof over the garage, and when adding a railing to create a porch). Also some examples of what I am trying to achieve (possibly shelf roof for third car or the high gable connecting to top most roof line or not is fine). Thank you. Program: CA Premier X14 forum.plan