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  1. Happy Holidays; I've been working with Chief Architect Pro for some time with my partner to design a home for a lot we own in Mason County, Washington. We feel good about the floor plan but want to hire a professional to help us optimize the design and develop permit drawings. The lot is on a golf course with a SW exposure and we have given careful consideration to the location of the house on the sloped lot and the finished floor levels to take advantage of the views and access. My background is in building code consulting and believe the design meets county and HOA setback, height, and other requirements. The attached file is dated but give an indication of the project and meets the forum file size limitation of 14MB. The project scope could have the following phases: Meetings and consultation to optimize functionality and form House design Interior design Landscape design Permit package development Please feel free to reply, call, or email me directly with your qualifications and capacity if interested. Mark and Dian Murray 206-245-0320 1807244667_Allyn-9bwithterrain-sometopolinesconvertedtopolyline.plan