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  1. Thank you, kind sir! I use Chief x12 so I can't really open it. Can you send it in that version please? I have a question. Assuming I already did a bunch of cameras work to send to layouts, if I copy your model into my model ( deleting my model, but pasting in place) will the work in the layout still be there? In other words, If I replace my model with yours ( in my original model file), will I keep the layouts? Thanks again
  2. Hi, I'd like some guidance as to what's the best way to do the following: 1) PIC 1- This house has multiple shed rooves and I'm not sure this is how they should be drawn? I created each of them individually. Is there a way to automatically generate these rooves like shown? 2) PIC 2-I can't add the missing triangular exterior wall on top of the lower roof . Also, how can I get the shingles of the portion of that roof below to now show or be removed? 3)PIC 3 How can I make the highlited portion of the wall be just an interior wall instead of the exterior wall? I only drew it continuous so the wall goes all the way to the higher roof . 4)PIC 4- How can I get rid of that sub-roof that is on my shed roof? I don't want it, I don't even know how it sneaked in there. Here is a link to the file Thank you for your time and help! I'm really struggling here.