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  1. Hello all, I've been trying all day to manually and automatically update the top wall plates of ALL lower walls to be exactly at 9'-0" from the subfloor and for some reason, I can't. I've used the edit all (celing height and roofs). I've tried to move the entire roof up and down and that works to align the roofs, but the wall framing doens't really update... I've tried to manually move the framing but I don't want that because I want it to be smart instead of manual. The main roofs have a 3:12 slope except for the porch and carport roof that have a 1/2:12 slope. So far, the only roof I managed to get correct and exactly how I need it is the Master Bedroom roof, but not the main house roofs. The roofs have 2x10's across the big perpenficular glulams with 2x8' soffits and top plate of all lower walls should be at 9'-0. I also don't know how to manage to get the eaves be 2x8's since I get confused on how to use purlings. I don't know what else to try. I also tried doing flat ceilings in both bathrooms at 8'4 but I think something weird is happening because the ceiling didn't work as expected and I had to manually draw on top of it in the interior elevations I have chief x15 btw. The screenshow below shows how the top plates don't meet the dashed line of the 9'-0 mark Any help is highly appreciated FIle :!AvLF0qQ7UC-_h-pd1fnXvbYNBHloBw
  2. Thank you, kind sir! I use Chief x12 so I can't really open it. Can you send it in that version please? I have a question. Assuming I already did a bunch of cameras work to send to layouts, if I copy your model into my model ( deleting my model, but pasting in place) will the work in the layout still be there? In other words, If I replace my model with yours ( in my original model file), will I keep the layouts? Thanks again
  3. Hi, I'd like some guidance as to what's the best way to do the following: 1) PIC 1- This house has multiple shed rooves and I'm not sure this is how they should be drawn? I created each of them individually. Is there a way to automatically generate these rooves like shown? 2) PIC 2-I can't add the missing triangular exterior wall on top of the lower roof . Also, how can I get the shingles of the portion of that roof below to now show or be removed? 3)PIC 3 How can I make the highlited portion of the wall be just an interior wall instead of the exterior wall? I only drew it continuous so the wall goes all the way to the higher roof . 4)PIC 4- How can I get rid of that sub-roof that is on my shed roof? I don't want it, I don't even know how it sneaked in there. Here is a link to the file Thank you for your time and help! I'm really struggling here.