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  1. Thanks. It was the different floor level. No idea why it happened while drawing walls as I normally do but problem solved.
  2. Can't figure this out. Walls for two interior rooms - walk in closet and laundry/pantry combo - are extending through the floor. When I build the foundation it builds separate foundations under those rooms. Tried deleting and re-drawing with same result. Wall and room structure specs same as other rooms. Toggling "Build foundation below" on and off has no effect. Any ideas? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Much appreciated. Ballooning the walls fixed it but now I know to also try resetting to defaults for other issues. And, yes, attic walls auto rebuild was on.
  4. Can't get these exterior walls to come up to the roof. Tried all the wall / roof options and tried deleting and rebuilding the attic layer. Same thing happened with a full shed roof rather than this version that creates a gable roof over the second story porch area (that is clearly not completely worked out). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks much. Had my "duh" moment and discovered that not long after posting.
  6. When building a foundation based on the 1st floor I'm getting a stem wall with what looks like another footer, or cap, on the top. Shows on the inside and outside. Anyone know why or what I'm missing? 8" thick foundation wall, 6" framed wall above. Doesn't show in the floor overview but does in full camera view. Using X14 on Mac Studio. Thanks.