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  1. Thanks guys. Yes, I used the stock red barrel on my model. It looks better than the spanish tile in the library/ I found the iron balconey railing... it was in a mediterran catalog download I am going to see if I can fake the the grates using railings... we'll see
  2. Thank you... Chopsaw, thanks for including the model image. Where the heck do I find the iron grates? I have looked everywhere. Maybe they were imported from sketchup or something... So far, the upgrade is not much different than what I already have... I also have not figured out how to import my custom library of textures... I have a pretty extensive collection on my 2020 program.
  3. Hi all, I am a DIY home owner. I have been using the chief architect software for many, many years for different DIY remodel projects. When I got the email upgrade offer to upgrade my suite 2020 I was enticed by the thumbnail of the 2023 version. It had a picture of a Spanish home, which conincidentally I am currently remodeling my spanish house and working on the exterior design. Now that I have downloaded the upgrade (architectrual 2023) I am honestly dispapointed as it does not seem any different than my suite 2020. I am unable to find any of the spanish architectural items (such as those in the picture) in the stock library or in the catalogs. Does anyone know where I find these? I am looking for the iron grates over the windows, the border around the arched opening ( I have tried to just apply a texture to the casing, it does not work), the iron balconey railing, round downspouts, etc. What am I missing? I consider myself to be fairly proficient... but we don't know what we don't know! Thank you in advance!