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  1. Thanks, that achieved what I was after, I had attempted that before, but my mistake was in not changing room label in the main home, so it messed those heights up.
  2. I typically would do something like this however I need to show the client how the separate garage is viewed from the second/main floor of the home. Their concern it the roofline will block to much of the view … hence the need to put in same plan to illustrate how much view it takes up, and how the accuracy of the elevation plays into the view
  3. Thanks I’ll give that a shot Tomorrow, I’m guessing that method I will have to refer to the garages in the main house as something else…
  4. I have been looking how to put either Lite deck or AvicDeck style floor detail into Chief.... I currently have the slab/foam sections to proper floor thickness, but trying to figure out how to detail the beam portion. I get it would be similar to the floor joist. I apologize as I'm still learning Chief.....
  5. Hello, I can't seem to find the fix for my issue, hopefully someone can help out! I have a plan I am working on that has a detached garage, but the issue is it keeps it at the same elevation as the main building. The property has a slope, and the garage will be lower that the main home. Since the main view from the home looks at this direction, it important in the design process to limit how much the garage structure interferes with the viewpoint, so adjusting the proper height is important. Thanks, in advanced!!