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  1. I have attached screenshots to help show what I am dealing with. You can see on my terrain toolbar that most of my terrain editing tools are greyed out and not even clickable.
  2. Somewhere along the way my terrain elevation contours and the perimeter are no longer visible in my plan views. I have checked in both plot plan and terrain plan views, and made sure that the layers are turned on, but they will not show. They are not gone, since in the perspective overview I can still see the sloped terrain and the pond. I'm sure it is some small display setting that I am unaware of, but I could use some direction here since I cannot modify the site if I cannot see the items. Thanks!
  3. I did forget to utilize this advice; we had to do this all the time with SoftPlan projects too. I was afraid that our projects were just too large and detailed in the 3D model to be handled by any architecture software at this point. Our average home design fall around 10,000 - 12,000 sq. ft. across 1 or 2 floors typically. On top of that, we try to make the 3D model look as close to the finished product as possible, so we spend a lot of time designing small 3D details that probably aren't typically shown to clients in 3D. Most of the time we can take care of those with a 2D detail drawing, but we are really trying to push the limits of our 3D models. Thanks for the reminder about working off the local harddrive!
  4. Unfortunately there are a large number of 3D symbols on in the plan, but as it was drawn mostly by the lead designer I don't want to delete her work. I did turn off the auto rebuild options and have not created framing yet, so those things I believe should not be contributing to the slowness. I do not utilize any macros, I am just using X14 as is out of the box at this point in time. As I become more familiar with the software I will look into macros i'm sure. Thanks for the insight and help guys!
  5. Are there some basic tips for preventing a project from bogging down and lagging? I have a file that is lagging even just panning or zooming, and it gets even worse when trying to use the move command or inserting blocks. The file itself is 92MB, which doesn't seem like a large file to me, but I am fairly new to Chief Architect. My PC is an Alienware with an i7-10700 3.8GHz processor, 32 GB RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card. I don't believe to be a hardware issue since I have also drawn fairly intensive plans with AutoCAD, SoftPlan, and 3d models in SketchUp on this same PC. Any tips would be appreciated. I would attach the project but the file is too large to post here. Thanks