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  1. Hi Mark, I must have done something wrong as I did not see any differences. Hi Eric thanks for pointing out the correct forum. Will head over there. Suspect only solution is to upgrade to pro though. If I rent pro for a month will the file I create open in Architectural afte the rental period is over?
  2. Trying to add a shed roof over a 12 X 12 addition using 2023 Architectural version. The shed roof is to match the opposite side of the house shed roof, pitch 6. I am a new user. I was able to accurately model the existing house, but getting the roof over the new section has me kerfuffled! I have multiple hours in so far without any luck, have made a lot of really odd roofs though. I know if I spend another $400 I can get the pro version and manually create a roof, but that is a pretty steep price for a one-off use. I only need to be able to model as close as possible to be able to demonstrate the concept and relocate the 2nd floor window the shed roof will dissect. Attached a zipped file of the design if that is useful. Greatly appreciate any and all advice! Steve 419 old sherman mod